100 for 100

Poster in honor of the UConn School of Law 100th Anniversary that says, "Preserving the past and building our history, one narrative at a time. "Professor Starr was not a great professor, he was a GREAT professor. We all respected him. We all learned a lot from him," [said] Vincent J. Bruno, Class of 1960. "I had a wonderful group of people in my class, and the professors were really quite spectacular," [said] Allan Cramer, Class of 1964. "I was able to gather up that knowledge in my mind, so thus I succeeded... It was a great time," [said] Daniel A. Kile, Class of 1962. "My best memories involve being with people who were so incredibly smart...that was a remarkable experience for me to be with people who were so motivated," [said] Leonie H. Kramer, Class of 1988. "I met some wonderful people...all different types of personalities--they didn't all fit into one mold which was nice. There was a variety of people with a variety of goals, and they were all very excited about becoming lawyers and going to law school," said Matthew Waynne, Class of 1987. In celebration of the UConn School of Law’s 100th anniversary, the “100 for 100” Narratives Project collects, preserves and makes accessible the stories of the UConn Law community that reflect the intellectual and emotional fabric of the School's history.  Our goal is to collect 100 stories to commemorate the 100th anniversary in 2021.  By listening to alumni and faculty accounts, the School honors their diverse historical and cultural perspectives.