"100 for 100" Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I participate in this project?

Your participation contributes to the tapestry of stories we’ve been collecting since 1921. The legacy of UConn Law will live on through your unique experiences.

Is there a deadline?

The yearlong Centennial Celebration starts October 2021 but we will continue to accept interviews past this date.

How are interviews conducted?

Interviews are conducted remotely via Zoom, WebEx, or your preferred online platform. We will also accept recordings of self-guided interviews and written stories. Please consider participating in a format that is most convenient to you.

How long is the interview?

Each interview is a conversation. Time will vary. We expect that from start to finish the process will not take more than 45 minutes of your time. Please let us know if you have concerns about the time commitment. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule.

What kinds of questions will I be asked during my interview?

We ask questions about your time as a student, about professors who’ve had the most impact on your studies and legal career, about your involvement with student organizations on campus. We encourage alumni to think about stories that they are comfortable sharing with our community.

What happens after my interview is taped?

Your interview will be transcribed and captioned for accessibility, and will be permanently stored at the Thomas J. Meskill Law Library.

How will my taped interview be used?

It will be used for research purposes, for the 100th anniversary, and other promotional efforts.Your interview may be used in conjunction with others who have contributed to the project, in videos celebrating the Law School's Centennial. It may also be used for research, display on the web, and for marketing. 

When will I be able to view my own interview and the interviews of other alumni?

After the interview, you will receive a link to the raw version of your video. After the interview is transcribed you can request a digital copy. Interviews of other alumni may be posted on the Library webpage.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please direct questions to Polya Tocheva at polya.tocheva@uconn.edu.