"100 for 100" Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a deadline?

Yes.  The 100th Anniversary is October 2021 but we will continue to support the program past that date.

What kinds of questions will I be asked during my interview session?

The interviewee will ask about your experiences and memories.  For example: if you could relive one day of your time at the Law School, which would it be?

What happens after my interview is taped?

Interviews are permanently stored in electronic format by the main campus and also at the Law School.

How will my taped interview be used?

It will be used for research purposes, for the 100th anniversary, and other promotional efforts.

How long is the interview?

Each interview is a conversation.  Time will vary.  We expect that from start to finish the process will not take more than 1 hour of your time.

Do I have to come the Law School for my interview session?

We prefer that you come to the Law School campus for your scheduled interview.  However, we are willing to accommodate your schedule and can offer other arrangements. 

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please direct questions to Polya Tocheva at polya.tocheva@uconn.edu or 860-570-5068.