Shirley R. Bysiewicz Papers

The Bysiewicz papers reflect her time at the University of Connecticut School of Law from 1956 to 1989.    Shirley R. Bysiewicz  was the first women tenured professor at the School of Law.  From 1956-1983 she served as Director of the Law Library.  Concurrently she was a professor of law and taught courses in woman and the law, juvenile law, elder law. legal research and writing, judicial clerkship clinic and legislation.  Bysiewicz was known as an advocate of children's rights and authored Juvenile Law Handbook."  She also wrote other legal books among the Dictionary of Legal Terms and Effective Legal Research.  Bysiewicz was involved in many organizations outside the law school.  She was appointed to the Governor's Commission on the Status of Women, organized a committee on the status of women for the Connecticut Bar Association and was a member of the Association of American Law School Committee on Women in Legal Education.

Box 1

Fol. 1   Files

Fol. 2    Scrapbook, 1963-1990 [copy]

Fol. 3   Newspaper clippings

Fol. 4   Conference, Emerging Law of Children's Rights (1986)

Fol. 5   Conference, National Women's Conference (1977)

Fol. 6   Committee Records, American Bar Association (1985-1986)

Fol. 7   Committee Records, Connecticut Bar Association (1975)

Fol. 8   Committee Records, Connecticut Bar Association. Juvenile Justice Committee (1982-1983)

Fol. 9   Committee Records, Commission to Study the Reorganization and Unification of the Courts (1974)

Fol 10  Connecticut International Women's Year (1975) pt. 1

Fol. 11  Connecticut International Women's Year (1977-1983) pt. 2

Fol. 11  Committee Records, Miscellaneous (1971-1972)

Box 2

Fol. 1   Conference, There's Room at the Top: Women Power and Politics (1987)

Fol. 2   Conference, Widening Job Opportunities for Women (1975)

Fol. 3   Professor of Law, Client Counseling Competition (1987)

Fol. 4   Professor of Law, Legislation #625 (1980-1981)

Fol. 5   Professor of Law, Legislative Clinic #624 (1967-1980)

Fol. 6   Professor of Law, Sex-Based Discrimination in the Law #780 (1972)

Fol. 7   Professor of Law, Research for Sex-Based Discrimination in the Law #780 (1972)

Fol. 8   Professor of Law, Research on Women & the Law

Fol. 9   Professor of Law, Research on Family Law (1971-1972)

Fol. 10  Research on Rape & Women in the Criminal Justice System

Fol. 11  Dedication of Reading Lounge to the Memory of Shirley Raissi Bysiewicz "54 (1998)

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