Eating and Drinking

The library recognizes that students and faculty spend long hours in the library and require nourishment while studying. Therefore, the library allows some food and beverages in the building as follows:

  • Covered beverages and small, contained snacks are permitted on floors 2-5, with the following exceptions:  computer workstations, Special Collections, stacks areas (near books), and the 1st floor.
  • Open plates of food, as well as messy, aromatic foods such as pizza and other takeout meals, are permitted ONLY in the cafe on the third floor (available to everyone) and in the Law Student Lounge (available to law students only) on the fourth floor.
  • Individuals who consume these foods elsewhere will be reminded of the policy and asked to relocate.
  • Food deliveries to the library are not allowed, except for catered events approved by Library Administration.
  • Unattended food and beverages are subject to being disposed of by staff.
  • All areas should be as clean as, or cleaner than they were before study or use. Trash and recyclables are to be placed in the appropriate containers, and spills should be wiped up. Paper towels are available at the Circulation Desk.

Library users who refuse to comply with the Library Food and Drink Policy are considered in violation of the Library’s Acceptable Use policies.