Service Standards

The University of Connecticut School of Law Library staff recognizes the need to establish and publicize standards for the provision of excellent service to library patrons. The document that follows is the result of discussion and agreement by staff in all areas of the library.

  1. All materials used within the library or returned to the library will be reshelved within one week. Please inquire at the main desk if you cannot locate a title.
  2. Search requests for missing materials will be processed within two days. The requesting patron will be notified of the successful search, or will be referred to interlibrary loan if the item cannot be located.
  3. Desk staff will provide patrons with accurate information as to the location and status of library materials.
  4. If a recalled item has not been returned within three days after its due date, library staff will alert the requesting patron that the item has not been returned and refer the request to interlibrary loan.
  5. When staff receive a report of malfunctioning equipment in the library, they will place a service call within the business day and will post notices on the equipment to alert library patrons to problems.
  6. Although the staff strives for 100% accuracy in reshelving, all shelvers will have at least a 95% accuracy rate in their work.
  7. When a patron requests material that has arrived in the library but has not yet been cataloged, the material will be made available to the patron within four business days of the request.
  8. Items removed from the shelf for binding will be retrieved within one business day if they have not yet been sent to the commercial bindery. Items at the commercial bindery will be made available upon request within two business days after they are delivered back to the library. All materials returned from the bindery will be processed within a week of their return.
  9. As a general rule, all new materials will be cataloged and on the shelf within one (1) month from date of receipt.
  10. Reference Librarians have been trained to provide and/or assist patrons in finding accurate, timely information using resources available both within and beyond the Law Library. Basic knowledge includes how to communicate with patrons to learn what they need; determining the location and status of library material using the on-line catalog; expertise in basic U.S. legal research, both print and electronic; familiarity with all library policies; and familiarity with the expertise of local libraries in order to make referrals.
  11. Reference Librarians will respond to voice mail inquiries within one business day after receipt of the message. Electronic mail from the Law School community addressed to individual reference librarians will also be acknowledged within one business day.
  12. Research guides created by reference staff will be updated as necessary to maintain currency, usually once per year. The date on the guide indicates the latest date of revision.
  13. Interlibrary loan requests from Law School patrons will be reviewed and ordered within two business days from the time they are received. If a request cannot be processed, patrons will be notified within four business days. Patrons will be notified by email when interlibrary loan materials are received.
  14. The standard response time for interlibrary loan requests submitted to the University of Connecticut Law Library by other libraries will be within two business days after receipt of the request.
  15. Faculty requests received through Facserv, will be completed under normal circumstances as follows:
    1. Requests for books/articles from the library's collection - 2 days
    2. Requests for scans from the library's print collection - within 1 week
    3. Short-answer reference queries - within 2 days
    4. Requests for accounts on current awareness services - within 1 week
    5. Extended research questions, including bibliographic research - as arranged with the Head of Reference.
  16. Library hours of operation and reference hours will be posted at the main entrance to the library and at the main desk. The library’s web site will contain current information about the scheduled hours, and the voice mail messages at the main desk telephone extensions will provide current hours of operation information.
  17. Our goal is for the library’s online systems to be available at all times for catalog searching and access to electronic resources except during announced down times for necessary upgrades and maintenance. Mechanisms are in place to address unplanned system down times as soon as possible.
  18. Current information regarding library policies is maintained on the library’s web page.
  19. The library staff provides effective service by answering phone calls and email message promptly, responding quickly to in-person service needs, behaving in a courteous manner toward all patrons, providing additional support for patrons with disabilities, and supplying accurate information to patrons.
  20. Suggestions entered through the library’s online system will be answered in writing within a week.
  21. Patron initiated purchase requests will be addressed within five business days from the date of request.  The patron will be notified of the library’s decision to purchase, not purchase, purchase at a later date, etc. Requests approved for purchase will be ordered within 14 business days.