Course Reserves

Please email Justin Rogowski with a list of material for course reserve.  Please specify which course/semester this material is intended for.

Required Readings

The law library will purchase required textbooks as it is made aware of such materials.  Please email a list of your course readings to Justin Rogowski.  You may also drop off or email photo copies of course reading material. 

Recommended Readings

Personal copies of recommended reading material can be placed on course reserve.  The library will not automatically purchase these supplemental materials. Personally owned materials may be returned to you at the end of the semester or held for future instances of the course.

Faculty may suggest new material for the library’s collection which, if purchased, can be placed on reserve for your course by contacting the Acquisitions/Serials & Collection Development Librarian, Elisabeth Umpleby.

Course Packs

The library does not purchase or collect course packs from the bookstore. However, if the content of a course pack is readily available within a book the library owns, the book may be placed on course reserve if requested.

Course Reserve Policies

The law library will purchase and make available in reserve one copy of all required textbooks for the current semester, with the exception of selected statutes, which are readily available elsewhere in the library’s collection.

On a case by case basis, suggested readings and second copies of a primary required text will be purchased for course reserve. The Director for Library services or his/her designee will make the final decision on whether or not to purchase such items.

Please visit the Course Reserves page for students for more information.