Secondary Insurance Law Sources

This page is designed specifically for the Insurance LLM students who take the course "Principles of Insurance." Secondary sources are required for a research paper in this course. You can use this guide to supplement your insurance law research.

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Text and Treatises

The library has both print and electronic versions of texts and treatises about insurance law. Search the catalog to find out what we have:

Words Search Example
Type automobile liability and insurance and you will get titles like:

  • Irvin E. Schermer, Automobile Liability Insurance 3d: No-fault Insurance, Uninsured motorists, compulsory Coverage, KF 1218 .S332, 5th floor.

Subject Search Example
Type pollution liability insurance united states and you will get titles like:

  • Tod Zuckerman, Environmental Insurance Litigation: Law and Practice, KF 1220.P5 Z83, 5th floor.
  • Matthew Lenz, Environmental Pollution: Liability and Insurance, KF 1220 .P5 E585, 5th floor.

Title Search Example
Use this search if you know the title. For example, type Liability Insurance Dispute and you will get a screen telling you whether the book is available, its call number and the location:

  • Sol Schreiber, Liability Insurance Disputes, KF 1190 .S3, 5th floor.

Author Search Example
Type the author’s last name first, followed by the author’s first name: lowry john. This will return the following titles:

  • John P Lowry, Insurance Law: Cases and Materials, KD1859 .L592, 4th floor.
  • John P Lowry and Philip Rawlings, Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles, KD 1859 .L69, 4th floor.

E-books can be accessed through the Making of Modern Law. Again, you can search by Word, Subject, Author or Title. For example, a keyword search of "liability insurance" brings you titles such as:

  • Edwin Warren, The Law of Liability: a Digest of the Laws of Negligence, Respecting Personal Injuries, With the Leading Decisions of the Highest Federal and... New York, 1899.
  • Thomas Gold Frost, A Treatise on Guaranty Insurance and Compensated Suretyship: Including Therein as Subsidiary Branches the Law of Fidelity, Commercial and... 2nd ed., enl. And rev. Boston, 1909.
Law Review Articles

Use Legal Periodical Indexes to find a journal article or a law review article. Choose either “Index to Legal Periodicals,” or “Legal Trac (Legal Resource Index)” to start your search.

Word Search

Typing "directors and officers liability insurance" brings you articles like:

  • Sean J. Griffith, Uncovering a Gatekeeper: Why the SEC Should Mandate Disclosure of Details Concerning Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance Policies, 154 University of Pennsylvania Law Review, P1147 (May 2006).
  • Neil Campbell, Allocation Problems in D&O Policies: Vero v. Baycorp, 17 Insurance Law Journal, p85-92, (Feb 2006)

You can also try author, title or subject searches using Legal Periodical Indexes. LexisNexis, Westlaw and HeinOnline are also powerful tools for finding law review articles. View a complete list of Research Databases available through the library.

Internet Sources

Many insurance companies and organizations publish useful information on their websites. Here are some examples:

  • Insurance Information Institute. Take a look under Hot Topics & Issues Updates, you may find studies, such as, Products Liability: Emerging Exposures, Best Practices, or Compulsory Auto Insurance, etc. Check under Latest Studies and you will find articles like Hospital Professional Liability and Physician Liability.
  • Swiss Re. Search under Research and Publications and you will find full-text articles Insurance in Emerging Market: Focus on Liability Development.
  • Lloyds. Search under Research and Publications and you will find articles Taking Risk on Board, London Market Principles, etc.
  • State Insurance Department websites and Connecticut Insurance Department.  Use these to find insurance statutes, regulations and bulletins.

Learn more about insurance law research and resources from the Insurance Law Research Page.