LLNE/SNELLA Spring 2014 Meeting

Join us on Friday, April 4, 2014 for a day of discussion on American Tribal Law and Culture!

Lunch will be served in the Reading Room and presentations will take place in the Davis Courtroom, all held in William H. Starr Hall.

American Tribal Law & Culture

American Tribal Law & Culture touches on the many complexities and facets of human existence. It specifically addresses the internal law that governs the affairs of each tribe and its members. Sources of tribal law include oral tradition, tribal constitutions and codes, as well as codes borrowed from other sources.

LLNE Service Project

LLNE has historically encouraged participation in a library related service project during its annual meeting. This year the LLNE Service Project is designed to jump-start the Law Collection of a local public library. Meeting attendees are encouraged to participate in the LLNE Service Project: Public Libraries Book Drive.


LLNE and SNELLA members are requested to register for the event by Wednesday March 26th, 2014 by completeing the online registration form.