Student Organizations Founding Dates

How can you find out information about your student organization?

  • Start by reviewing the list below.  If the organization is listed there will be a file in archives.
  • Inquire at the Reference Desk for assistance in viewing the archived materials.

Academic Careers Society: 1991

ACLU-UConn chapter: reactivated 2006

Alternative Dispute Resolution: 2005

American Constitution Society: 2003

Amnesty International: May 1, 1986

Armenian Law Students Association: 1989

Arts, Entertainment, and Sports Law Society: at least 1988

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association: 1991

Athletic Association: 1986

Barristers Guild:  2007

Black Law Students Association: 1969

Capital Punishment Hockey: at least 2002

Chinese Law Students Organization: 2009

Christian Legal Society: at least 1994 (Hank Forcier listed as SBA contact)

Client Advocacy Board: 1994

Coalition for a Better UConn: 2002

Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers: Fall 1999

Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association: 1997

Connecticut Intellectual Property Notes:  at least 2005

Connecticut Alliance of International Lawyers: 1999

Connecticut Law School Republicans: 2006

          SEE:  Republican Law School Association: 1992

Connecticut Moot Court Board: April 14, 1978

Connecticut Unemployment Action Center: 2000, February [1999?]

Corporate and Securities Law Society: 2002, July

Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (CCDLA): 1997


Connecticut Law School Democrats: [~ 1991]

University Democrats: never got going (1992)

College Democrats (1998)

Connecticut Democratic Committee: [2001]

College Democrats of America: 2001

           SEE:  University Democrats

Eastern European Club: 1999, October not approved; [2000?]

Education Law and Policy Society: 2008

Election Law Society: 2011 ?

Evening Law Students Association: 2002

Energy and Environmental Law Society: 2012

          SEE:  Environmental Law Society:  1977, May

Environmental Law Society:  1977, May

Federalist Society: 1984, March

Film Committee: [1967?]

fLAWed Revue: 1992, September

Golf Club:  1997

          Also known as: UConn Law Golf: 1998

Gong Show (January 1993)

          SEE:  fLAWed Revue: 1992, September

Greek Law Students: March 1992; never approved

Health and Social Services Law Association: 1981, March

Health Law Interest Group: [1988/1989]

Hellenic Association: 1992

Intellectual Property and Technology Law Society: 1990

            ALSO known as: IP and Technology Law Society (2013)

International Law Society: folder says 1966

Irish American Law Students Association: 1997

Italian American Bar Association: 1994, reactivated 2001 to:

            SEE: Student Chapter of National Italian American Bar Association

Jewish Law Students Association: 1986

Labor & Employment Law Society: 1998

Labor Law Student Organization: February 1984

Lambda Law Students Association: 1978

Latino Law Students Association: 1983

Law Partners:

            SEE: Married Law Students Association: February 1993

            SEE: University of Connecticut Law School Wives: 1960-1974

Law Students Assisting Troops: 2009

Law Students for Choice: 2004

Legal History Society: 1967

Maritime Law Society: 1992

Married Law Students Association: February 1993

          SEE: University of Connecticut Law School Wives: 1960-1974

          SEE: Law Partners

Military Law Society: 2004

            SEE:  University of Connecticut school of Law Veterans’ Organization: Feb. 1987

Mock Trial Society: 1999

National Lawyers Guild: 1977, April 15 [inactive & reactivated September 2002]

National Native American Law Students Association: 2000, September

New England East-West Law Center: 1992

Older and Commuting Students: 1986

Outing Club: 1997

People Advocating Therapeutic Homes (PATH): 2003

Phi Alpha Delta:  April 4, 1973

Phi Delta Phi: 1979 (attempts made, but not in handbook) 1991 (not in ’91 yearbook, in ’92 yearbook)

Photography Club: 2010

Portuguese American Law Society: 1992, never got going

Public Interest Law Group: unofficially from 1982 (officially recognized in 1986)

Real Property Development Student Association: 2006

Republican Law School Association: 1992

South Asian Law Students Association: 2002, August

Student Animal Defense Fund:  2007 [2002 unsuccessful attempt to start group]

Student Board of Public Defenders and Legal Assistants: 1964

Student Patent Law Association (SPLA):  [1995]

Student Chapter of National Italian American Bar Association: reactivated 2001

            SEE: Italian American Bar Association: 1994


Student Trial Lawyers Association: at least 2002

Tax Law Society: 1994

Transfer Student Association: 2001

Tribal & Gaming Law Society: 2005

Transfer Student Association (TSA): 2001, February

UConn Basketball Club: at least 2005

UConn Law Connections/Mentorship Program: folder says 2002

UConn Law Golf: 1998

            Also known as: Golf Club:  1997

UConn Law Soccer: at least 2008

UConn Law Softball: at least 2009

UConn Law Running Club: 2004

UConn Students for Blumenthal: 2010

UConn Law Students for Dean: 2003

UConn Law Toastmasters: 1994?

University Democrats: never got going (1992)

University of Connecticut school of Law Veterans’ Organization: February 25, 1987

            SEE: Military Law Society: 2004

University of Connecticut Law School Wives: 1960-1974

            SEE:  Married Law Students Association:  1993, February

            SEE: Law Partners

Women Law Students’ Association: 1972