Faculty Profile & Scholarship, 1921-1942

Thomas Lane Archibald

Lecturer in Law, 1937-1942

Professor of Law, 1942-1971

Professor of Law Emeritus, 1971-1997

b. 1911, d. 1997.  A.B. 1932, Harvard; LL.B. 1935, Harvard Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1935.  Lecturer in law and Professor of law, Hartford College of Law/University of Connecticut School of Law, 1937-1971. Professor of Law Emeritus, 1971-1997.  Thomas L. Archibald Scholarship established in his memory.  Subjects: Real Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law


Edward Graham Baird

Instructor in Law, 1933

Dean, 1934-1942

b. 1899.  B.S. in Business Administration 1922, LL.B. 1927, Ohio State University.  J.S.D. 1933, Columbia University.  Admitted to practice in Ohio, 1927.  Practice with Mooney, Bibbee & Edmonds, Columbus, Ohio, 1927-1928; alone, 1928-1929.  Lecturer in Department of Commerce and Journalism, Ohio State University, 1926-1928.  Professor of Law, University of North Dakota, 1929-1933.  Instructor in law, Hartford College of Law, 1933; Dean, 1934-1942.  Subjects:  Contracts


Telephone rate making: Judicial Restrictions Upon Commission Distribution of the Telephone Price Burden, The Brown Publishing Company (1934)

Journal Articles

“The Alcohol Problem and the Law…” 2 Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol (1944)

“New Deal Laws in Colonial Days” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 187 (1935)

“Should the Rate Making Unit be Fixed by Statute?” 1 University of Chicago Law Review 451 (1934)

“Business Regulation in Colonial Massachusetts (1620-1780)” 3 Dakota Law Review 227 (1931)

“Judicial Review of Decisions of the Workmen’s Compensation Bureau of North Dakota” 3 Dakota Law Review 16 (1930)

Book Reviews

“Logical and Legal Bases of the Conflict of Laws” 21 Texas Law Review 652 (1943)

“Cases on the Law of Contracts” 82 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 427 (1934)


Austin Dunham Barney

Instructor, 1924-1925

b. 1896, d. 1971.  B.A. 1919,Yale University;  LL. B. 1922, Yale Law School; Honorary Doctor of Engineering, 1951, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Honorary LL. D. 1962, University of Hartford.   Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1922. Practice with the firm Day, Berry and Howard, 1922-1924.  Taught at Hartford College of Law, 1924-25.  University of Hartford, Founder’s Committee. Business school renamed the Austin Dunham Barney School of Business and Public Administration, 1970.  Connecticut State Senator, 1933, 1935.  President, Hartford Electric Light Co., 1924-64.  President, Connecticut Power Co., 1950-58.


Millard Bartels

Instructor in Law, 1936-1940

b. 1904, d. 1997.  A.B. 1928, Cornell University; LL. B. 1929, Cornell Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1930.  Attorney, The Travelers Insurance Co., 1929-1970. Associated with Alcorn, Bakewell and Smith since 1970. Insurance Law Department established at the Hartford College of Law under Bartels’ direction, 1934. Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1936-40.  Subjects: Insurance, Taxation

Journal Articles

“What Constitutes Doing An Insurance Business?” 8 Association of Life Insurance Counsel Proceedings 54 (1940).


Honorable Saul Berman

Instructor in Law, 1935-1955

b. 1886, d. 1961.  Attended Trinity College, 1904-05.  LL.B. 1908, Yale University.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1908.  General practice 1908-1925.  United States Referee in Bankruptcy,1925-1960.  Instructor in law, Hartford College of Law, 1935-1955.  Subjects: Creditors’ Rights, Evidence

Journal Articles

“Liability of Sureties on Attachment Bonds as Affected by Bankruptcy” 30 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 124 (1956)

“Liability of Sureties on Attachment Bonds as Affected by Bankruptcy” 30 Connecticut Bar Journal 115 (1956)

“Connecticut Law as it Affects Certain Priorities in Bankruptcy” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 86 (1935)


Albert Seymour Bill

Instructor, 1924-1932

b. 1895, d. 1979.  B.A. 1918,Yale University; LL.B. 1922, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1922.  Town judge, West Hartford, 1929-37.  Taught, Hartford College of Law, 1924-32.  State’s Attorney, Hartford County, 1949-59.  Practice with firm of Bill and Bill, 1922-.    Subjects: Partnerships, Wills and administration


Wallace Winthrop Brown

Lecturer in Law, 1925-1965

b. 1899, d. 1965. University of Illinois 1921. LL.B. 1924, Harvard Law School.    Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1924.  Practice with Gross, Hyde,Williams & Brown, 1925-1965.  Chairman of the Board of Appeals of the Selective Service, 1940-.  Lecturer, Hartford College of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law, 1925-1965.  Subjects: Property, Evidence


“A Handbook of Connecticut Law as Applying to Social Service”, noted in an article in The Hartford Courant, October 31, 1931 [1932]


John J. Burke

Original Faculty

Instructor, 1921-1924

d. 1958.  B.A. Villanova.  LL.B. Catholic University.  Formerly instructor at Catholic University. Legal counsel for the Archdiocese of Hartford.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1922-1924.  Subjects: Torts, Bankruptcy


James E. Cannon

Instructor, 1923-1927

b. 1895, d. 1946.  A.B. 1917, Holy Cross; LL. B. 1921, Yale Law School.  Practice in Connecticut with firm of Cannon and Markham.  Judge of Windsor Locke Court, 1927-1939.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1923-1927.  Subjects: Criminal Law


Birdsey Erksine Case

Original Incorporator

Instructor, 1921-1943

b. 1878, d. 1943.  LL. B. 1906, Yale University.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1906.  General practice in Hartford, 1906-1931.  Instructor in law, Hartford College of Law, 1922-1943.  Subjects: Constitutional Law, Business Organizations


Cyril Coleman

Instructor, 1932-1934

[b. 1902], d. 1958.  A.B. 1924, Harvard College; LL. B. 1927, Harvard Law School.  Partner at Day, Berry and Howard, 1927-.  Part-time instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1932-1934; Board of Trustees, 1933-1940.  Represented Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey in circus fire litigation, 1944.  Member of the Charter Revision Commission which drafted Hartford city charter.  Mayor of Hartford, 1948-1951.

Journal Articles

“The Honorable Kenneth Wynne- a Tribute” 32 Connecticut Bar Journal 119 (1958)

“Assignment of Cases for Trial, Some Problems in the” 17 Connecticut Bar Journal 278 (1943)

“A Method of Assigning Cases” 16 Connecticut Bar Journal 223 (1942)


Roger Wolcott Davis

Original Incorporator

Original Faculty Member

Instructor, 1921-1930

b. 1890, d. 1959.  Attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Ph.B. 1911, Yale University;  LL. B. 1913, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1913.   Partner with Davis, Lee, Howard and Wright, 1913- .  Hartford College of Law: member, Board of Trustees, 1933-42; Advisory Board, 1929-1958; Instructor, 1921-1930


Gladys Judd Day

Instructor, 1926-1933

Librarian, Hartford County Bar Library, 1912-41.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1926-33.  Subject: Law Books and Their Uses

Journal Articles

“Famous and Curious Wills” 18 Law Library Journal 44 (1925)


Reinhart Lang Gideon

Instructor in Law, 1938-1956

b. 1890, d. 1966.  A.B. 1912, Amherst College;  LL. B. 1915, Harvard University.  Admitted to practice in Utah, 1915; Connecticut, 1919.  Practice in firm of Gideon & Gwilliam, Ogden, Utah, 1915-19.  Private practice Hartford, Connecticut since 1919.  Assistant state’s attorney for Hartford County, 1922-1928; Public Defender, 1930-1951.  Part time instructor in Business Law, Hillyer Institute, Y.M.C.A.  Hartford College of Law: part time instructor, 1938-1956; Board of Trustees 1934-1940; Officer, Secretary and Treasurer, 1935-1940.  Subject: Judicial Remedies

Journal Articles

“The Public Defender” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 307 (1935)

“Is the Profession of Law Disappearing?” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 172 (1935)

“Arrest without Warrant for Misdemeanor” 1 Connecticut Bar Journal 299 (1927)


Ufa E. Guthrie

Original Incorporator

Instructor, 1921-1927

[b. 1893], d. 1964.  LL. B. Yale Law School. Practice with Cramer and Guthrie, 1922-1940; private practice since 1940.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1922-27.  Subjects: Criminal law


Benjamin G. Habberton

Instructor, 1932-1933

A.B.  DePaul University.  Harvard Law School.  Full-time instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1932-1933.  Practice in Dallas, TX, since 1934 .

Journal Articles

“Law in Germany” 11 Texas Bar Journal 169 (1948)


John P. Harbison

Original Incorporator

Instructor, 1921-1927

[b. 1897], d. 1970.  B.A. 1918, Yale University;  LL. B. 1920, Yale Law School.  Editorial Board, Yale Law Review, 1919-1920.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1920.  Prosecuting attorney, West Hartford Town Court, 1921-1928.  Part-time instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1922-1927.  Subjects: Sales, Contracts

Journal Articles

“Significant Phases of Nuclear Energy Today” 38 Connecticut Bar Journal 625 (1964)


“Financial and Economic Production Reorganization of Nations of Western World, and Nations of Underdeveloped Regions”, proposal for Hugh Meade Alcorn (Republican National Committee Chairman, 1957-59), (1958).


Reese Harvey Harris, Jr.

Instructor, 1937-1942

b. 1911, d. 1991.  A.B. 1933, Princeton; LL.B. 1936, Harvard.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1937.  Practice with Gross, Hyde & Williams since 1936.  Senior Vice President, Connecticut Bank and Trust Co., 1954.  Executive Vice President, Hanover Bank, NY, 1958.  Founder’s Committee, University of Hartford, 1957.  Part-time instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1937-42.  Subjects: Taxation


Edward Holland Heilman, Jr.

Instructor, 1941-1942

d. 1969.  B.S. Drexel Institute of Technology.  Certified Public Accountant, 1937- .  Partner with the Hartford firm of Knust, Everett & Cambria.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1941-1942


Arthur E. Howard Jr.

Original Incorporator

Instructor, 1921-1928

b. 1891, d. 1972.  B.A. 1914, Yale University;  LL. B. 1917, Yale Law School.  Editorial Board, Yale Law Journal, 1915-1917.   Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1917. Partner in firm of Howard, Kohn, Sprague & Fitzgerald.  Common Pleas Court judge in West Hartford, 1925-1931.  Incorporator, American Institute for the Deaf.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1921-1928.  Subjects: Corporations, Evidence.

Journal Articles

“Why Can’t I Tell My Story” 26 Connecticut Bar Journal 183 (1952)

Book Reviews

“Some Legal Phases of Corporate Financing, Reorganization and Regulation” 27 Yale Law Journal 145 (1917)

“Unfair Competition” 27 Yale Law Journal 298 (1917)

“Manual of the Uniform Land Registration Act in Virginia” 26 Yale Law Journal 425 (1917)

“Studies in the Problem of Sovereignty” 26 Yale Law Journal 809 (1917)

“Public Defender: A Necessary Factor in the Administration of Justice” 26 Yale Law Journal 625 (1917)


Francis E. Jones

Instructor, 1922-1923

b. 1887, d. 1973.  B.A. 1909, Yale College; LL. B. 1911, Yale Law School.  Practice with Robinson, Robinson & Cole.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1922-23.


Vincent W. Jones

Instructor, 1934-[1936]

d. 1951.  A.B. 1911, Wesleyan;  LL. B. 1916, Harvard. Bonding Department, Aetna Casualty and Surety Co.  President, Hall Thompson Company.   Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1934.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1934-1936


Farwell Knapp

Professor of Law, 1924-1937

Dean, 1932-1933

b. 1893, d. 1942.  B.A. 1916, Yale; LL. B. 1921, Harvard Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1922.  Practice with the firm Shipman and Goodwin since 1922.  Assistant Tax Commissioner of the state of Connecticut, 1925-37.  Practice with the firm Marsh, Stoddard and Day, 1937-41.  Trust officer of Phoenix State Bank & Trust Company, 1941-42.  Professor of law at the Hartford College of Law, 1924-37; Dean, 1932-33. President, Board of Trustees, 1938-42.  Subject: Tax Law

Journal Articles

“Solutions of the Double Domicile Problem” 15 Connecticut Bar Journal 251 (1941)

“Solution of the Double Domicile Problems” 18 Taxes 289 (1940)

“Duties of Fiduciaries with Respect to Annual Property Taxation of Intangibles” 13 Connecticut Bar Journal 220 (1939)

“Connecticut Succession Tax” 10 Connecticut Bar Journal 54 (1936)

“The Nose of the Camel” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 165 (1935)

“More About Lawyers and Banks” 6 Connecticut Bar Journal 60 (1932)

“The Effect of Smith v. Laughman on Non-Resident Transfer Taxation” 2 Connecticut Bar Journal 119 (1928)


Farwell Knapp Journal.  Compiled and annotated by Helen Bayne Knapp (1947).

“Charitable Exemptions” Paper presented to the National Tax Association Conference, Boston, MA 1934.  Published by the Tax Commissioner of Connecticut (1934).


James Whitney Knox

Original Faculty

Instructor, 1921-1927

b. 1883, d. 1952.  B.A. 1904, Yale College;  LL. B. 1906, Yale Law School.  Admitted to Connecticut Bar, 1906.   Private practice, 1906-1925.  Trust officer, vice president, and president of First National Bank, 1925-1949.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1921-1927.  Subject: Corporations.


C. Merritt Lane

Instructor, 1942-1944

b. 1912, [d. 1976.]  Attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  LL. B. 1940, Hartford College of Law.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut 1941.  Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company, Legal Department, since 1936.  Instructor, University of Connecticut School of Law, 1942-1944.  Subject: Insurance Law.


Thomas Armitage Larremore

Dean and Professor of Law, 1933-1934

b. 1889, d. 1975.  B.A. 1911, Yale;  LL. B. 1916, Columbia University;  M.A. in Public Law 1911, Columbua University;  B.M. 1931, Syracuse University;  M.S. in Music 1932, Union Theological Seminary.  Practice in New York City with Bowers & Sands, 1915; with Winthrop & Stimson, 1916.  Instructor in law, Stanford University, 1916-19.  Professor of Law, University of Oregon, 1919-21; Tulane University, 1921-22; University of Kansas, 1922-28.  Professor of Law and Dean, Hartford College of Law, 1933-1934.  Subjects: Criminal Law, Agency, Property


A Selection of Cases on Personal Property, Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co. (1928)

Journal Articles

“Weak Spot in the Vice-Repression Laws of Kansas” 19 Journal of the Bar association of the State of Kansas 354 (1951)

“Right of Infant to Disaffirm Contract and Recover Consideration” 1 Oregon Law Review 37 (1921)

Book Reviews

“Cases on Domestic Relations” 29 Columbia Law Review 851 (1929)

“Illustrative Cases on Agency” 20 Illinois Law Review 520 (1926)

“Cases on Oil and Gas” 35 Yale Law Journal 243 (1925)

“Cases on the Law of Domestic Relations and Persons 3d ed.” 21 Columbia Law Review 727 (1921)

“The Monroe Doctrine: an Interpretation” 16 Columbia Law Review 439 (1916)

“Principles of Legal Liability for Trespass and Injuries by Animals” 15 Columbia Law Review 728 (1915)


“An American Typographic Tragedy: the Imprints of Frederick Conrad Bursch” Hillacre Bookhouse, Bibliographical Society of America.  The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America.  New York (1949)

“The Marion Press, a Survey and a Check List” Queens Borough Public Library (1943)

“Portland and Legal Aid” Masters Essay, Columbia University (1922)

“Alexander Ransom: Mid 19th Century American Painter”


David Levy

Instructor, 1928-1935

Attended University of Pennsylvania.  LL. B. 1924, Columbia Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1925.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1928-1935.


George William Lillard


Instructor in Law, 1921-1940                                              

d. 1940.  LL. B. 1913, Georgetown Law School.  Special Agent, Department of Justice, 1913-1919.  Travelers Insurance Company, life claims department, 1919-1935.  Hartford College of Law: founder, 1921; Instructor in Law, 1922-1940; Law Librarian, 1939-1940; Secretary of the Faculty.  Subjects: Criminal Law, Corporations, Agency

In Memoriam

“Genesis of a Law School” The Starr Report 1 (Summer 1986)


William Sheridan Locke

Lecturer in Law, 1925-1962

b. 1904, d. 1965.  Princeton University, 1926;  LL. B. 1929, Harvard.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1929.  Practiced with the firm of Perkins, Wells, Davis and Schaeffer (later Wells, Davis, Schaeffer and Locke) since 1929.  Clerk of Hartford Probate Court, 1939-1953.  Reporter of judicial decisions of the Supreme Court of Errors of Connecticut, 1953-1965. Lecturer in Law at the Hartford College of Law, 1925-62.  Subjects: Wills, Probate Law.


Connecticut Probate Practice, Little, Brown & Co. (1950)

Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Errors of the State of Connecticut, v. 152, Publisher varies: State of Connecticut, Cushing-Malloy

Journal Articles

“Escheat of Funds of Unknown Persons- Interpretation of an Ancient Statute” 29 Connecticut Bar Journal 123 (1955)

“Some Additional Thoughts Upon Probate Reform in Connecticut” 26 Connecticut Bar Journal 32 (1952)

“Care and Handling of Estates” 24 Connecticut Bar Journal 414 (1950)

“Administrative Difficulties in the Proration of the Federal Estate Tax” 21 Connecticut Bar Journal 168 (1947)

“Setting Aside of Verdicts Based on Conflicting Evidence” 9 Connecticut Bar Journal 30 (1935)


As Reporter of Judicial Decisions for the Supreme Court of Errors, Locke wrote articles and reports on judicial practices.

In Memoriam

            The death of William S. Locke marked the passing of one of the most brilliant legal scholars I have ever known.  At the last Annual Dinner of the Connecticut Bar Association I had occasion to speak publicly of the handicap under which the Supreme Court of Errors was functioning as a result of Mr. Locke’s illness and enforced absence from his duties.

                To his work as reporter of judicial decisions he gave unstintingly of his time, energy, and profound knowledge of the law.  The quality of his work during the period of nearly twelve years in which he held that position is manifest in the Connecticut Reports from Volume 14- to date, and in cumulative digests covering those reports.

                Even though he had a mind which was clear, disciplined, and analytical far beyond the ordinary, he also had a warm, loyal, conscientious character which won for him the affection of all those privileged to know him.

John Hamilton King, Chief Justice, March 8,1965


Walfrid G. Lundborg

Instructor, 1929-1935

[b. 1900], d. 1981.  Trinity College, 1921;  LL. B. 1924, Harvard Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1924.  Practice with Shipman and Goodwin since 1925; partner since 1928.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1929-1935.


John A. Markham

Instructor, 1923-1932

b. 1894, d. 1953.  B.A. 1918, Wesleyan University;  LL. B. 1921, Yale Law School.  Private practice since 1921.  Judge of Probate in Hebron, 1953.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1923-1932.

News and other Articles

Mr. Markham Declines: He tells the Committee of 1,000 why he will not join, Hartford Courant, January 16, 1930.


Warren Maxwell

Instructor in Law, 1926-1942

b. 1897, d. 1964.  Catholic University, 1915-20 (exclusive of war period);  LL.B. 1923, George Washington University.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1923.  Trial work and general practice for The Travelers Insurance Co., 1923-1962. Practice with Courtney, Mansfield, Sullivan & Ripley, 1962-1964.  Instructor in Law at the Hartford College of Law, 1926-42.  Subjects:  Insurance, Domestic Regulations, Torts, Connecticut Pleading and Procedure


“Waiver of or Estoppel to Assert a Forfeiture for Breach of Condition in an Insurance Contract Because of Knowledge of the Facts in Possession of the Company’s Rule”  Paper read before the Association of Life Insurance counsel, May 22, 1926 at White Sulphur Springs, WV.  Metro Life Press (1926).


Ernest W. McCormick

Instructor, 1926-1935

[b. 1899], d. 1982.  LL.B. Harvard;  Ph. B. Brown University.  Practice with Robinson, Robinson and Cole, 1925-1975.  Y.M.C.A., Director, 1936-1942.  Helped plan the separation of Hillyer College from Y.M.C.A.  Incorporator of Hillyer Junior College which later became part of the University of Hartford.  Key role in Connecticut court reorganization of 1959.  Connecticut Bar Association’s Distinguished Public Service Award, 1959.  Instructor at the Hartford College of Law, 1926-1935.  Subject: Corporations.


Maxwell Mills Merritt

Lecturer in Law, 1939-1962

b. 1904, d. 1969.  A.B. 1927, University of New Mexico;  M.A. 1928, University of Michigan.  Attended Harvard Law School, 1930-31.  LL.B. 1938, Hartford College of Law.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1938.  Travelers Insurance Co., 1931-1945.  Practice with Shepard & Murtha, 1945-1966.  Specialty: Contract Law.


Harold E. Mitchell

Instructor, 1929-1935

b. 1901, d. 1950.  University of Wisconsin 1923;  LL. B. 1926, Harvard Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1926.  Assistant State’s Attorney, 1929-1939.  Practice with Hewes, Smith, Mitchell and Shepherd 1927-1939; Pettyman, Await and Priddy, 1939- . Connecticut General Assembly, Speaker of the House of Representatives, 1943.  Republican State Chairman, 1944-1948.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1929-1935.  Subjects: Labor


Thomas J. Molloy

Lecturer in Law, 1935-1957

b. 1885, d. 1967.  LL. B. 1908,Yale Law School.  Court of Common Pleas Judge, 1921-1946.  Superior Court Judge, 1946-1955.  State Referee 1955-1967.  Lecturer in Law, Hartford College of Law and University of Connecticut School of Law, 1935-1957.  Judge Molloy was one of the first professors to hold classes in a court room setting, Hartford County Court, 1937.  Subject: Evidence


George M. Moritz

Instructor, 1922-1923

B.A. and LL. B., University of Michigan.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1922-1923.  Subject: Contracts


Aaron Nassau

Lecturer in Law, 1937-1967

b. 1904.  B.A. 1925, Yale University; LL. B. 1927, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1927.  Practice with Rohrmayer & Nassau; practice with Elsner & Nassau.  Lecturer in Law, Hartford College of Law, 1937-1967.   Awarded the University of Connecticut Distinguished Service Award, 1974.  Aaron Nassau Scholarship established in 1984.  Subject: Real Property, Trusts and Future Interests.


Handbook of the Law of Insurance, collaboration with Vance, William Reynolds.  West (19--).

Journal Articles

“Implied Easements” 20 Connecticut Bar Journal 360 (1946)

“Connecticut Land Law, Some Feudal Relics in the” 19 Connecticut Bar Journal 216 (1945)

Book Reviews

“Prejudice and Property” 22 Connecticut Bar Journal 396 (1948)


“Land Titles” An introduction to Title 47 of the Connecticut General Statutes Annotated.  West (1958)

“A Conversation with Aaron Nassau” Q&A published in the Starr Report, Fall 1980


James J. O’Connor

Original Incorporator

Instructor, 1924-1932

b. 1893, d. 1976.  A.B. 1914, Trinity; LL. B., 1921, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1922.   Partner in the firm of O’Connor and O’Connor.  East Hartford probate judge, 1945-1957.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1924-1932.  Subject: Evidence


Floyd Tompkins Reynolds

Professor of Law, 1937-1938

b. 1901, d. 1938.  B.A. 1924, Amherst College; M.A. (English) 1927, Pennsylvania State College; LL. B. 1932, Yale Law School; M.A. 1935, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.  Pursued Doctor of Juridicial Science (S.J.D.) degree at Harvard, 1935-1937.  Admitted to practice in Rhode Island, 1933.  Professor of Law, Hartford College of Law, 1937-1938.


Notebooks (Draft), 5 volumes, relating to highway law [193-].

Examination problem: Conflict of Laws, Professor Beale, Monday, May 24, 1937 [Cambridge, MA, 1937]

Examination Essay on the Zamora Case [Cambridge, MA, 1935]

Admiralty Jurisdiction over Torts, Particularly to Property Committed Partly on Land and Partly on Water (term paper) [New Haven, CT 1932]

Divorce in Rhode Island 1798-1909: an attempt at a simple scientific historical survey and presentation of the changes and interpretations of the statutes of Rhode Island which have occurred during these years, 1798-1909.  [New Haven, CT 1932]


Arad M. Riggs

Instructor, 1931-1933

b. 1902, d. 1985.  A.B. 1925, DePauw University;  LL. B. 1931, Harvard Law School.  Instructor in Law, Hartford College of Law, 1931-1933.  Admitted to practice in New York, 1933.  Lecturer in Law, New York University School of Law 1937-1963.  Associated with Allin, Tucker & Allin since 1933; Partner with Allin, Riggs and Shaughnessy since 1941.  Subjects: Contracts, Agency, Criminal Law

Journal Articles

“Trust and Probate Literature 1952-3” 92 Trusts and Estates 793 (1953)

“New York Law- Survey for 1947-1948” 23 New York University Law Review 591 (1948)

“Real Property” Annual Survey of American Law 1947 p. 851 (1948)

“Effect on Leases of Governmental Restrictions on Business” 16 Connecticut Bar Journal 331 (1942)



William D. Shew

Instructor, 1929-1935

b. 1902, d. 1992.  B.A. Yale;  LL. B. 1926, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1927. General practice and criminal defense.  Defense attorney for Harry Solbery  in the 1965 Piggy Bank murder trial.  Instructor, Hartford College of Law, 1929-1935.  Subject: Property


Allan K. Smith  

Original Faculty

Professor of Law, 1921-1925

A.B. 1911, Trinity; LL. B. Harvard.  LL. D. (Honorary) 1968,  Trinity.  Partner at Day, Berry and Reynolds (now Day Pitney) since 1923.  U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, 1923-1925.  Professor, Hartford College of Law, 1921-1925.  Subject: American Law


William Flavius Starr

Professor of Law, 1935-1962

Acting Dean, 1957

Professor Emeritus of Law, 1962-1966

b. 1897, d. 1966.  A.B. 1922, Harvard College;  LL. B. 1932, University of Washington;  J.S.D. 1935, Yale University.  Admitted to practice in Washington, 1933. Member of the legislative commission which drafted the Uniform Commercial Code and secured its adoption, 1933-1961.  Professor of Law, Hartford College of Law/University of Connecticut School of Law, 1935-1962.  Editor of the Alumni News, a newsletter unifying the law school and its alumni, 1944-1960.  The Starr Report was named in his honor, 1961. Established the William and Delores Starr Book Fund. The William F. Starr Fellowship Award, established in 1961, benefits the student with the highest grade point average.  Awarded the First Annual Law Review Award, 1962. Subject: Commercial Law.  A building on campus was named the William F. Starr Hall in 1986.

Journal Articles

“Conditional Sales and Chattel Mortgages” 9 Washington Law Review 143 (1934)

Book Reviews

“Security Interests in Personal Property” (2 vols.) 40 Connecticut Bar Journal 291 (1966)


Remarks at Alumni Banquet for Presentation of the Starr Portrait, May 1, 1967

“Law School Teaching as Equivalent to Practice for Admission to the Bar on Motion” (unpublished, February 1962)

“Filing in the Office of the Town Clerk as Affected by the Uniform Commercial Code” (Prepared for the Town Clerk’s Association, State of Connecticut) (1961)

“Study and Report of the Temporary Commission to Study and Report upon the Uniform Commercial Code” (1959)

“The Corporate Share Certificate and the Share: a Process of Merger” (legal thesis) (1935)

In Memoriam

“William Flavius Starr: An Affectionate Reminiscence” The Starr Report 1 (Summer 1987)


Albert Baldwin Walker

Instructor in Law, 1940-1945

b. 1906, d. 1957.  B.A. 1929, Yale University;  LL. B. 1932, Yale Law School.  Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1934.  associated with firm of Woodhouse & Schofield, 1934-1939.  Partner with Davis, Lee, Walker & Wright, 1939-1943.  Attorney for United Aircraft Corporation since 1943.  Justice of the Peace, Hartford, 1936-1942.  Instructor in Law, Hartford College of Law, 1940-1945.



J. Harold Williams

Faculty, 1922-1923

b. 1893.  B.A. 1917,Yale; LL. B. 1920, Yale Law School. Admitted to practice in Connecticut, 1920.   Practice with firm of Gross, Hyde & Williams since 1920.  Taught, Hartford College of Law, 1922-1923.  Subjects: Wills and Administration; Pleadings and Practice.