Vision & Mission Statement
Mission Statement

The UConn School of Law Library & Technology Department connects members of the law school community to people, places, information, ideas and resources.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Partnering with faculty, students, staff, alumni, consortia and other external groups;
  • Educating students, faculty and staff;
  • Providing comprehensive, current and relevant print and digital collections;
  • Promoting professional development and continuing education opportunities for library staff;
  • Engaging our community with innovative library and technology services in physical and virtual spaces;
  • Responding to future trends in legal education; and
  • Serving as a gateway to research, learning, and inspiration.
Vision Statement

The Library is everywhere, interconnected with all departments on campus through traditional and non-traditional service initiatives.

Core Values

To guide us in carrying out our mission and fulfilling our vision, library and technology staff are guided by the following values:

  • We strive for excellence by providing quality services and work product within stated deadlines by employing the skills exemplified in our core values.
  • We are innovative by intentionally pursuing or implementing improved methods, practices and services by being flexible, creative and imaginative.
  • We are diverse by valuing and respecting a full spectrum of values, backgrounds and points of view which enhance our ability to learn, create, and provide the best service possible to our patrons and each other.
  • We are collaborative by bringing our diverse skill sets, experiences, perspectives and viewpoints to bear as we work together toward our common goals. By combining our collective strengths, we will achieve a better work product or outcome.