Borrowing & Renewing
Borrowing Privileges

Students may borrow circulating items for 90 days, and items can be renewed once. However, much of the collection is non-circulating, and must remain in the library for all to use. This is because legal research materials work together like a complex machine: for the whole to function, all of the parts must be there.

Items that do not circulate include:

  • primary sources (statutes, case reporters, and administrative regulations)
  • looseleaf services
  • digests
  • citators
  • reference materials

For more information about borrowing from the library, please ask at the Circulation Desk.

Renew a Book

Renew your books in any of the following ways:

  • Bring it to the Circulation Desk.
  • Call the Circulation Desk at 860-570-5012.
  • Email the Circulation Desk.
  • Renew your books online. Log into your Library Account  
Overdue Notices and Fines

Overdue Notices and Fines 
In order to keep materials as available as possible to all library users, books must be returned on time.  For books that are returned after the due date, fines will be imposed, as follows: 

Course Reserves:  

$2.00 / hour (time is rounded up) 
Reserve books that are 12 hours overdue are marked as lost (see below). 

Main Collection: 

Up to 30 days overdue: $25 
Up to 60 days overdue: $50 
When books are 90 days overdue, they are marked as lost (see below). 

Interlibrary Loan items: 
Books are marked as lost (see below) when either the lending library marks them as lost or they are 60 days overdue, whichever comes first.   

Lost Items: 
Any book that is marked as lost will be charged the cost of replacement plus a non-refundable $75 processing fee.  Interlibrary loan books that are marked as lost may also be charged an additional processing fee that is imposed by the lending library.   

Disputing a Fine
At the moment that a book is returned late, our system will calculate your fine and send you an email notification.  You will then have 30 days to dispute the fine.  If you do not dispute the fine, then it becomes final and will be posted to your student account, which may affect your ability to register for classes or graduate.  If you want to dispute the fine, you must fill out this form.

Important Note:  Library staff will never, under any circumstances, discuss specific fines at the front desk.  If you wish to speak to someone about your fine, please fill out the Dispute Form.