Reserve a Carrel

The library has more than 400 study carrels that are available to all students for research and quiet study. Carrels found on the 1st, 4th, and 5th floors of the library can be reserved for the duration of one academic year.

How to Reserve a Carrel

Fill out and submit an application for a study carrel at the Circulation Desk. The library will send an email to each applicant containing carrel assignment information within a week of receiving an application. Requests for specific carrels will be honored when possible.


Using a Carrel
  • Only books that are checked out to the carrel's account should be left in the carrel.  Other books and personal belongings will be removed by library staff.
  • Carrels should be left in a condition that allows others to use the space when the assignee is not present.
  • The library reserves the right to remove books from the carrel if they are needed for immediate library use.  Books used in this manner will be returned to the carrel when finished.
  • If materials are removed from a carrel without authorization, the Circulation Desk staff should be notified immediately.