Noise Zones

The library has designated zones to accommodate customer needs for silent study, group collaboration and campus events.

Green Zone - 3rd and 4th Floors
  • Collaborative, quiet conversational noise.
Yellow Zone - 2nd and 5th Floors
  • Quiet place for group and individual stdy.
  • Minimal, whispered conversation.
Red Zone - 1st Floor
  • Silent place for individual study
  • No conversation
  • Quiet group work in study rooms
Cell Phones:
  • Patrons are expected to have cell phones off or on inaudible alert while in the library.
  • Cell phone use in the lounges, study rooms and restrooms is preferred.  
  • Cell phone use is not allowed in red zones.
Electronic Equipment:

Patrons are expected to use headphones or have electronic equipment muted on all floors. (computers, tablets, e-readers, etc). If other patrons can hear the audio, it is too loud.